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SS MISR Nile Steamer cruise ship

SS MISR Nile Steamer cruise ship

S/S MISR Nile Steamer cruise ship

S/S Misr Luxury Nile Steamer Ship

Egypt Luxury Holidays for Sophisticated Travelers
S/S MISR Nile Steamer cruise ship originally constructed in Preston by the Royal Navy in 1918, implementing for the first time Stevenson Link reversing system for a vertical steam engine.S/S Misr steamer ship was purchased and later converted into a luxury Nile steamer for King Farouk.


Recorded as venue for the king's birthday, "on the occasion of the birthday anniversary of his majesty King Farouk I, The governor of Cairo requests the honor of your company on board the Misr Nile Steamer at 08 P.M. on February the 10th, 1939" The name of that Nile Steamer ship "Misr" meaning Egypt and the decor reflects the fashion of the period with each cabin having its own individual style.
S/S Misr steamer River Nile Boat has been rescued and fully restored as a 5 star deluxe propeller steamer; each royal sailing is limited to 45 guests traveling on the "most luxurious steam ship on the Nile" some 63 meters long, providing spacious accommodation with 24 cabins and suites. S/S Misr Nile steamer attractive features include the positioning of the lounge and restaurant on the upper and middle decks rather than on the usual lower deck placement thus enhancing one's perspective while cruising.
General Facilities and Entertainment
Accommodation is on a full board basis with daily tea time service. Aboard you will find a large, luxurious bar and lounge where you can enjoy a variety of entertainment programs and folkloric shows in the evening as well as The disco is one of the best on the Nile with wide selection of music can entertain any taste and age group specious restaurants at the main deck serving International and local delights are prepared by our Chefs with the freshest ingredients. On the large sun deck, you will find a swimming pool and a pool bar, with plenty of comfortable deck chairs, sun loungers and fitness equipment. Body massage is available against charge. For your greater comfort, there is a 24-hour reception service, full laundry facilities, a gift shop, and a beauty salon which opens twice weekly in Luxor and Aswan (by request). A doctor is on call when the boat docks at Luxor, Esna, Edfu, Kom-Ombo and Aswan
SS Misr Nile Steamer Cruise Features:
Five Decks -Three with cabins
14 outside cabins (6x3.5m) dimensions with private balcony
2 Single Cabins (5x2.9m) dimensions with private balcony
2 Suites (7x5m) dimensions with private balcony
6 Suites (6x5m) dimensions with private balcony
All outside cabins face the Nile & are provided with large panoramic balconies
The boat is fully air-conditioned
SS Misr Nile Steamer Cabins & Suites Features:
Private Balcony
Air condition
Private Bathroom
Hair Dryer
Color TV
Internal Phone
Mini Bar
Safety deposit box
SS Misr Nile Steamer Cruise Technical Data:
Length 63m - width 13m - Height 10.75m
Water purification comprehensive system
Electric current 22 volts
Fire detection and alarm system
Sprinkler system
3 Generators
Sailing Camera
Satellite channels (while docking)
House music
24 spacious cabins - 8 Suites.
Total capacity of 46 passengers.
SS Misr Nile Steamer Cruise Schedule:
Embarkation Monday in Luxor
Disembarkation Monday in Luxor

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